Princess Charlotte is not just royalty, but she is a fashion icon! That’s right, she is so stylish that everything she wears sells out within 24 hours. She even has a fan page totally dedicated to chatting about her stye, her favorite things, and what she is up to. She is always dressed in the most traditional outfits and we are totally obsessed! And just because we can’t get enough, here are 8 additional reasons why we love her:

1.Charlotte Is The Boss
According to Queen Elizabeth, it’s Charlotte who keeps her big brother George in line.

2. She Already Has A Leading Role In The Royal Family
After her little brother was born she became the first female royal in history not to lose her spot in line for the throne to a male heir.

3. She Is A Girly Girl
Kate Middleton once shared that Charlotte’s favorite color is pink and Prince William reported that Charlotte loves dancing.

4. She’s Also Pretty Sporty
She has already begun tennis lessons and she is a natural. She also really likes horseback riding.

5. She’s A Foodie
According to Kate, Charlotte loves making pizza dough and pasta is one of her favorite dishes.

6. Royal Title Or Not She’s Just A Normal Kid
That’s right, she even loves Peppa Pig and gets super excited about balloons.

7. She’s Already A Seasoned Bridesmaid
At 3 years old, she stole the show at Pippa Middleton’s wedding and Meghan Markle’s wedding.

8. She Definitely Got The Whole Royal Thing Down
Just look at how perfect her little wave is!