Life is beautiful, but with the perfect lighting, it can be equally as glamorous. Everything is better with a little sparkle, right? KiraKira+ is the hottest new app that everyone is talking about. It literally adds sparkles to your world, via your phone.

Through your camera lens, KiraKira+ adds the look of sparkle to anything in front of it. Maybe your perfect little pooch needs some glitz, or perhaps your new outfit your flaunting on Instagram needs just a tad more pop…this app can add that flavor. With seven different sparkle modes, you will have no problem finding the perfect sparkle for any photo or video.

What the app actually does is simply accentuate any object around you that reflects light. So, any reflective object will be amplified with some sparkle. The buckles on your boots, your dog’s beautiful eyes, your new bling ring…add some sparkle! It’s the perfect way to catch your followers’ eye on any of your feeds.