Many celebrities draw fashion inspiration from styles but Dwayne Johnson draws his fashion inspiration and acting influence from early action movies.

Jamie Foxx sits down with Dwayne Johnson for an interview of Off Script and they talk about Johnson’s influences from early action films such as “Indiana Jones.” Johnson saw inspiration from the character of Indiana Jones to provide great action sequences, delivered with charm while celebrating women in empowering roles.

He also finds inspiration by being positive to everyone and one of his keys to success includes putting a positive foot forward with everyone. When he was fifteen he first heard the quote, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice,” which is a motto he has lived by since. Since Johnson was a kid this quote has reminded him that he will always be nice to everyone and treating everyone with importance.

Johnson goes onto say that being kind is the easiest thing to do and knows the importance of treating everyone fairly. This motto shows Dwayne Johnson’s style of being a man about business while being humble and showing everyone respect. This also explains his warm glow that accompanies his persona on red carpets.

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