Benicio Del Toro stops in for an Off Script interview with Jamie Foxx, discussing his new film Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado. Here is how Del Toro pulls off a masculine, laid-back style.

Though he is wearing a graphic tee he gives the look some masculinity with a clean black leather jacket, without too many accents for a more refined look. He also gives his style less of casual feel combining brown loafers with dark blue jeans. The leather jacket also takes from an aviation style, for a more tailored version of the leather jacket.

Del Toro’s style reflects a mix of his villain and hero characters, with dark colors that are villainous but a casual style that is more fit for a hero. In his new film Sicario 2 he is an undercover operative, taking down cartels and doing some crazy stunts with out a stunt-double.

Jamie Foxx mentions an extreme scene with Del Toro hog-tied and duct-taped while eating sand, with no stunt-double. Del Toro says that he does a majority of his own stunts with the exceptions of stunt revolving around heights including jumping out of a plane or walking a high-wire.

His character in the new movie will feature more casual styles of a hero and you can check out the video above for more on Sicario 2: Day of the Soldado.