Winter is the time when we ladies get to strut around in knee high boots, lux coats and cozy chunky sweaters.  This year’s winter fashion is all about mixing a functional sense of comfort with chic, sophisticated and luxurious touches. To help you perfect your winter wardrobe we have our list of winter fashion must-haves, making sure you own these wardrobe pieces will give you a solid foundation on which to build your sizable winter clothing collection.


As far as outerwear is concerned we are loving the fact that capes are making a comeback. The cape has a retro glam feel that works well for both the office environment and for more social occasions.  We recommend having a cape in both black and tan that way no matter what outfit you decided on you’ll have a cape to match. If you’re not a fan of the full sized cape, you could always opt for a more delicate and dainty variation of this style known as a caplette, which just covers the shoulder area.

Oversized Cable Knit Sweater

If you frequent Pintrest than you have probably noticed a whole slew of chic oversized cable knit sweaters on display. We just love how comfy and cozy these look and how well they go with jeans and leggings. This type of outfit may be a little lax for the office but it is absolutely perfect for grabbing coffee on a chilly winter morning.

Black Leather Pants

Leather is a tough fabric to wear year round because it’s so warm, so winter is the time to showcase your leather pants and put their warming effects to good use.  Pair black leather pants with a bright trench coat for an instantly chic look, add some sexy black ankle boots for an even edgier appeal.