Time to talk about men’s summer fashion again. Specifically, Speedos. Could they possibly be making a come back this scorching summer season? These five guys say “yes,” and to be honest, I agree with them.

The Speedo was released around 90 years ago, and was obviously way more popular back in the day. Nowadays, the only time you truly see a male rocking these skimpy suits is during the Olympics. For some reason, there’s a taboo about wearing something small and comfortable to the beach or in public, so let’s eliminate that stigma all together.

Introducing the Amsterdam Speedo Club, a group of men who jokingly wore Speedos on vacation in 2013 and discovered it was actually an enjoyable experience. “Its comfy, tans your upper legs, you swim smoother through the water, and it dries quicker,” quoted the club. This quote eventually turned into to a dedicated Instagram page and now has evolved into a total movement. Trust me, we’re all here to support it, men and women alike.

Using the hashtag #BeFree, you can post a pic of you in a Speedo, no matter what body type you have. The speedo revolution is all about empowering men to not be afraid or self-conscious anymore. We can rock whatever we want in the surfer season, so maybe its time to try something new.

After all, rugby superstar Elis Genre said it best: “Speedos look good on everyone!”