Have you ever opened up your closet doors and thought to yourself “I have NOTHING to wear” before going out somewhere? You search like a mad woman throwing articles of clothing trying to find that one piece that’s somewhere underneath the pile but never find it. It makes you so angry that you probably have thought of canceling plans just because you can’t put together a look. Yup, we’ve all been there one too many times.

For those times when you can’t put together a casual outfit for the life of you, here are a few ideas that are minimal and effortless but still look chic.
basicsWhite t-shirt + black skinny jeans + black flats. This outfit is comprised of basic pieces (not to be confused with that basic) so you probably already have them in your closet. It’s a classic combo that looks just as great paired with a ponytail and sneakers as well as heels, a messy high bun, and red lipstick. Keep the jewelry minimal and dainty, or none at all, and you’ve got yourself a great effortless look.
A loose tank tap + shorts + sandals. The weather is getting really warm outside and if jeans are make you a little too warm, shorts are the next best thing. Don’t think about it too much: search for a loose fitting tank top or even a vintage t-shirt and pair it with solid colored shorts if you have pattern going on up top for balance. Put on some strappy sandals (gladiator sandals if you want to be on trend) and you’re good to go.
Blue button down shirt + any bottoms + heels. This is a bit dressier and is perfect if you have an evening event or even date to attend to. Blue pairs well with many different taupe and cool colors like white, black, beige, and denim so you can really go with any color you like. It can be a leather pencil skirt, white skinny jeans, black shorts, etc. or pretty much anything clean in your closet. Don’t forget some sexy heels to make it more feminine (but loafers or oxfords look just as chic!) as well as a bright lip for that French girl look.
Check out the videos in the playlist to see more on what you can wear when you have nothing to wear.
(Cover image: stockholm-streetstyle.com)