This Fall, “Voles, Voguez, Voyagez— Louis Vuitton,” a landmark exhibition opens at the former American Stock Exchange building in Downtown Manhattan. A new Louis Vuitton exhibition is here!

It’s taking place in one of your favorite cities. It will explore the history of the French House, which made its American debut in 1893, when its trunks traveled to Chicago to be exhibited at the World’s Fair. The latest exhibition is set to begin with just that, one of LV’s most symbolic objects: the trunk.

In 1854, a talented young craftsman named Louis Vuitton set up his own atelier in Paris, making custom boxes and trunks for the French upper classes. The introduction of revolutionary, flat-topped trunks four years later quickly established Vuitton as the grandmaster of modern luggage, as the trunks were made from lightweight, waterproof canvas instead of leather. It’s reputation was further solidified when Louis Vuitton‘s son, Georges, created LV’s signature monogram canvas, featuring the company’s initials and quatrefoil flowers inspired by the oriental motifs popular in the Victorian era.

This latest exhibition will pay homage to the company’s 163-year history and celebrate the story of Louis Vuitton and its long-standing relationship with America. It is set to run October 27 through January 7, 2018, at 86 Trinity Place.