It’s good to change up your makeup look every once in a while to keep things exciting. While a good black cat eye looks great and is classic, your eyes need a pop of color every now and again to make them stand out. Bright eyeliner is the perfect answer if you’re not completely enamored with the idea of a completely bright lid but still want a little color.
If you’re looking to try out a bright liner but you’re not completely sure how to do use it or what color looks best, try out this quick tutorial.
Before you start the bright liner look, find the color that suits your eyes best. In reality, you can use whatever color suits your fancy but there are certain colors that will make your eyes pop. For example, green looks great on blue, green, and brown eyes while cobalt blue looks best on blue and brown eyes. Experiment with different colors to see which one looks best.
Prep your eyes. Bright liner will attract attention to your eyes and you want the area to look perfect. Apply concealer under your eyes as well as on the lids for perfect, even coverage.
Define the sockets. Because the concealer makes your whole eye area look one color, the definition of your natural eye socket is gone. Use a taupe, cool-toned eye shadow one shade darker than your own skin tone and define the socket. If you’re a fan of a heavier eye shadow look, you can also place that same eye shadow on your lids.
Identify where you want your liner to be. You can use the liner like you would a black eye liner and create a cat eye or you can create a regular black cat eye and use the bright liner or shadow on the bottom lash line instead. You can even create a black cat eye and apply the bright liner on top of it to make it extra bright. Don’t forget to curl your lashes and apply mascara as well.
Natural lips and cheeks. Your eyes will be the center of attention to keep your lips and cheeks on the natural side. Use a peach or rose color on both areas to look healthy while not stealing the spotlight from your eyes.
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