We all knew that Kylie Jenner turning 21 would not be just some little get together. It was crazy, wild, and fun. She had a huge party with all of her family and tons of other famous figures, and all of her friends. During the party, two outfit changes took place. A pink silk dress made by Peter Dundas, and a crazy sparkling romper. She also debuted her new platinum blonde hair and was seen wearing a long, chic ponytail.

All the sisters showed up in matching outfits but of course, Kylie stood out looking amazing after recently giving birth to her baby girl. The clan decided to eat at Craig’s, a very iconic spot on Melrose Avenue and then the party started at Delilah’s. Her party theme was a very last supper style, but it also included fun elements including an adult ball pit.

A ton of familiar faces were seen including the Weeknd, French Montana, Dave Chapelle, Bella Hadid, and of course Kylie’s boyfriend, Travis Scott. Kylie wanted to make the party seem as if it was a celebration for all of her sisters and how young they still are, jokingly saying it was all of their 21st birthday. Kylie’s party was filled with hot pink and everything lit up! Of course, what would a Kardashian party without its photo booth as well.

The DJ at Kylie’s party was seen wearing a jacket featuring the photo of Kylie’s Forbes cover on the back of it, and after Kris Jenner’s one of many amazing toasts, pink confetti came flying from the sky. There were also cocktail cups at Kylie’s party with colors that determined what your relationship status was. Kim posted the menu saying if you had pink a pink glass it meant you were taken, yellow cups symbolized people in complicated or open relationships, and green cups for singles.

Between her landing on the Forbes cover as one of the youngest billionaires, Kylie’s 21st party was definitely one that will go down in the books of the best Kardashian parties.