Have you ever heard the theory the cuter your outfit the more motivated you are? Well in this case it’s true! So many celebrities have been seen wearing high fashion to the gym and considering their shape, it might be something to try.

First off is Mariah Carey. She once exercised in fishnet stockings and a pair of heels I guess she proved you can break a sweat and be fabulous at same time.

Another celebrity, Jennifer Lopez, was once seen leaving the gym in a $1500 mohair sweater by Givenchy!

Lady Gaga was seen bringing her own cup of tea to a yoga class in London. I guess Britain’s really do drink tea on every occasion! Bella Hadid, sported a $300 kit/champion sweat suit on the way to the gym, talk about some expensive streetwear!

The next one doesn’t surprise us because Khloe Kardashian has been known for her amazing workout outfits ,she styled a red Nike sneaker with a $690 Fendi fox fur keychain.

Orlando Bloom was seen going to a yoga class in a $800 motorcycle helmet!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (a very in shape power couple) were seen leaving a gym in Paris with tightly wrapped bandannas around their face, strange but maybe it helps you sweat those toxins out more! Kendall Jenner was seen keeping her workout essentials in a Louis Vuitton fanny pack while she was in New York.

Lastly, Katy Perry was seen taking her quilted Chanel bag to the gym in Beverly Hills. Who knows maybe it helps to not forgot your essentials. Working out glamorously gets the job done in this case!