Do you want to be able to pass down clothes to your family members? Or maybe be able to share clothes with one another? Maybe you have either a older or younger sibling or you have a daughter you want to share with? Here are some things you can buy to be sure it’s a great pick for everyone!

Classic Tunic Dress
You can either dress it up for work or you can dress it down if you are younger by talking into a pair of jeans giving a T-shirt appearance!

Heels and Jacket
Another item which can be paired with either a pair of heels or a jacket for a dressy look is a pair of cropped trousers. You can dress it down with a pair of high tops and a simple blouse! It works great for any age and style because you can take a simple white pair and put it with a pattern or color that fits you.

Tuxedo Dress
You can pair it with monochromatic accessories since their age appropriate for all ages. You can pair it with sandals and wear an off the shoulder top underneath to dress it down or heels and a crystal belt to dress it up.

Frayed Hem Trousers
Another item is a pair of Hem frayed trousers. You can add a lace blouse or cardigan and heels to give it more of a girly fit!

Softly Tailored Jacket
Since monochrome always looks good on anyone so you can Wear it with a pair of high-waisted shorts and a T-shirt or a camisole top and a pair of trousers, either looks amazingly chic!

Pleated Skirt
You can dress it down with flats or a biker style jacket, or keep it more Feminine with a clutch and heels.

Midi Dress
You can wear it over a T-shirt for a more modest look or add a sleeveless jacket and heels!

Wide-Leg Trouser
You can pair it with either a high neck top for the evening or a regular blouse for the daytime, it’s very versatile.