What’s one of the best things about summer? Live music!

Whether you’re headed to a weekend-long festival, an outdoor show, or to see your favorite band during a big tour, it’s a given that you will want to look cool while still remaining comfortable and practical.

Jessica Kinsey from Independence Center shares some of the summer’s hot trends. Since music festival clothing styles don’t change too much from year to year, the best way to keep it comfortable and stylish is to pull trends from different decades. A simple button down dress paired with a black fedora and strappy sandals is a stylish, yet comfortable outfit.

You could also wear ankle boots or sneakers with this dress. Accessories are also very important, so be sure to pull out your favorite choker and bracelets to complete the look. A bag with a bit of fringe always add some pizzazz to the ensemble. Let’s not forget the guys! Pairing some knee-length denim shorts with a patterned button down shirt and a cool hat and Converse sneakers allows a guy to be comfortable, yet cool at the same time.