Dainty jewelry is trend that remains every year because it’s more of a classic trend rather than seasonal. This year, however, tons of models and celebrities have been sporting it more as of late and it’s the perfect type of accessories for this time of year when you want just the right amount of sparkle. You could easily go out and buy a few bracelets but we think it’s a look cooler if you make them yourself.

Make your own inexpensive and personalized dainty charm bracelets with this DIY.

What you’ll need:

2 feet of chain (copper or silver)
4 jump rings
1 lobster clasp
1 pair of needle nose pliers
1 wire cutter
Charms of your choice

Now follow these steps:

Step 1. Open up a jump ring with the needle nose pliers and add a lobster clasp as well as the end of the chain and close it up.

Step 2. Measure the chain around your wrist and cut with a wire cutter. Once you’ve done that, attach another jump ring to the other end of the chain and close it up as well.

Step 3. Layout your bracelet and place the charm right in the middle. You’re going to want to measure it so you know exactly where to cut and insert the charm.

Step 4. When you’ve found where you want your charm to be, cut both sides of the chain with a wire cutter. The charm will replace that excess part of the chain so you can throw it out.

Step 5. Open up 2 more jump rings and loop them on to the loose pieces of chain and connect with the charm. Secure tightly.

That was so easy, wasn’t it? Let out your inner Martha Stuart and get crafty with your jewelry!
(Cover image: Styleblazer.com)