Love is in the air now that wedding season is here and we haven’t forgotten about our lovely soon-to-be brides. Planning a wedding is difficult enough but having to find that right dress and the makeup and hair to accompany it can be a real hassle. And if you’re really hands on and are opting for the DIY route, the level of difficulty is even higher.

Luckily for you, we have a perfect hair style for you to say “I do”! Check out this tutorial for a simple, yet elegant, side bun that’s perfect for your wedding.

Styling products you will need:


-Texturizing powder
-A handful of bobby pins (preferably ones that much your hair color)


Now follow these easy steps:

Step 1. This hairstyle looks best on straight hair so be sure to blow-dry it or straighten it if your hair is curly.

Step 2. Make 2 sections in the hair: the first one will start at the temple, the second from ear to ear. These sections will be used to give the hairstyle more volume. Pin down both sections with pins.

Step 3. Take a clear elastic and secure the rest of the hair that remains after the crown. Feel free to choose the height in which you want your bun to sit but as a general guide, the bun should be an inch above where the hair ends on your neck.

Step 4. Now that the hair is secured, wrap the ponytail around your hand one time and secure it in place with a few bobby pins. After you’ve secured it, fan out the bun a bit and secure the sides with additional bobby pins. If you have any remaining hair, wrap it around the bun (always wrapping to the left) and secure with pins.

Step 5. Take the clip out of the first section you created and dust a bit of texturizing powder to the roots. With the comb, backcomb slightly to create volume. Repeat the same for the second section.

Step 6. After you’ve created some volume, bring the hair back slightly to the right of the bun. Use your comb with a light hand so you don’t lose any of the volume you created. Spray some of the hairspray to prevent any fly-aways from coming out.

Step 7. Wrap the hair with bobby pins around the bun. As you wrap the hair around the bun, use a pin at about every 1 inch to make sure the hair is set in place.

Step 8. Optional: because this bun is simple, you can decorate with hair accessories such as pins with pearls or diamonds to really make the hairstyle shine.

To see a full tutorial, watch the video.

(Cover image: Style & The Bride/Elisa Bricker)