(Photo Credit: Gucci)

Gucci Lands In Hot Water, Again

Gucci has been in the news lately for a variety of much-talked-about items, but now they are in the news for celebrating diversity and unique beauty, and there’s nothing to hate on there.

The luxury fashion label recently relaunched its makeup line, and the advertisements for the lipstick have people chatting. Lipstick advertisements typically show beautiful women with “perfect” teeth wearing the makeup, but not in this case. These Gucci advertisements feature lipstick on models with less-than-perfect teeth, mentioning that anyone can create a perfect advertisement.

While their sentiment is definitely a good one, those who have viewed the advertisement have had some strong reactions, taking to channels like Twitter to discuss that the advertisements are horrifying. Someone even went so far as to say that the popular fashion house has now “ruined its name.”

Fortunately, not all reactions have been bad. Some people voiced a strong appreciation for the advertisements, as it made them feel like having teeth that aren’t picture perfect is actually an okay thing.

Regardless of the reaction, we applaud Gucci for trying something new in the name of benefiting others.