Hair is something that is special to everyone. Sometimes we don’t know our hair as much as we think we do. If you want to have healthy, damage-free hair, there are a few habits you may not know could actually be hurting your precious locks. Your salon may not tell you, but they probably want you to stop! It’s more than just what products you use on your hair, there are a ton of factors.

First off, using at home hair color. It’s tempting to try and do your hair at home to see if you can achieve the look you pay a good amount for, but it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Not only is at-home hair dye extremely harmful and damaging to your hair, but you can also mess your hair up making it worse than it was before.

It is a big no-no because it’s hard without a second opinion to pick what color looks best with your skin tone. You can easily over color your hair and come out looking shades darker than your hair which will only be an even more expensive trip to the salon to try and fix it.

Next up, doing hair relaxers at home. Though relaxing your hair sounds like something than can fix frizz and damage, but you can easily over-relax your hair making it to fragile. You should always leave it up to hairdressers so that you don’t ruin your hair natural strength and protein.

Over washing your hair, applying heat to wet locks, and cutting your own hair can also cause serious damage. Once you make a hair mistake, you can be sure you will go to the salon next time! Save yourself, your hair, and the hassle!