Halle Berry is the 51-year-old actress who is defying the aging process. Halle Berry and her personal trainer are offering up health and wellness tips with the launch of a new lifestyle website. The movie star and fitness guru Peter Lee Thomas joined forces for hallewood, an online platform which features style, beauty and fitness content. Thomas was shocked when he learned Berry’s actual age.

He says, “I had no idea what her age was when I met her. I never looked or was interested in that, and when I found out, I was absolutely shell-shocked because she has the discipline and athleticism of a 25-year old.”

Thomas has been Berry’s trainer for about two years and says he tries to challenge her with new things every time they work out. Taking their workouts and tips to the internet seemed like the next step in their journey. The site offers the opportunity to learn more about Halle’s strict exercise regime, including peeks into her five days per week workouts with Thomas. It allows fans to be more involved in all of the exciting things the actress has going on. Hallewood also offers a glimpse into the actress’ everyday life, as well as guides to products she enjoys. Halle is inspired to help as many people as possible and feels that her website will be a platform to reach people who will be inspired by the tips and advice she offers.