(Photo Credit: gen-pop.com)

Everybody Deserves A Moment To “Treat Yo’ Self”

It’s no secret that women all over the world love shopping. From beauty items to fashion pieces to perfumes and more, there’s always something that can be purchased by a woman on the hunt for something new. With a huge array of guilty pleasures to be bought, it’s worth wondering how women with incomes across the board justify items they look for when seeking out a guilty pleasure.

Recently, a group of women was surveyed anonymously on their shopping habits. These women all had salaries in differing amounts and spent different numbers purchasing items they’re longing for.

In a video reproduction of the survey, women were asked the question, “What do you feel guilty spending money on?” The real answers of 12 women’s responses included links like “makeup” from a woman with a $29k/year salary, “out-of-pocket therapy costs” from a woman with a $43k/year salary, “myself” from a woman with a $75k/year salary, and “extravagant dinners” or “silly purchases” from a woman with a $225k/year salary.