No matter where you’re going when you’re traveling, it’s always a must to be comfortable. And just because you look cozy doesn’t mean you can’t look cute. It’s always great to feel confident and look great when you’re traveling because then when you reach your destination, you don’t have to worry about changing a bit! Here are some must-pack items that will give you complete outfits and save space in your luggage for the next time you travel.

Over-Sized Button-Down Shirt:
They come in so many different materials and fabrics in which you can choose based on your preferences. It’s great because it gives a look as if you didn’t try but still looking completely chic and put together! You can pair it with comfy leggings or jeans. Not only that, but it’s also a great beach cover up if you’re heading to a tropical vacation and you can use it timelessly!

Maxi Dress:
The material is super flexible on maxi dresses, so it does not even feel like you were wearing a dress. It’s almost like you were wearing a nightgown in disguise. You can easily throw on a jean jacket or a cardigan, and it looks super put together. If you are traveling to more of a colder climate, you could totally opt for a scarf weather it’s lightweight or not and use it as a blanket on the airplane! You can easily pair it with a tank and cardigan and some good jeggings.

A lot of the time, they are worn as cover ups on the sand so you could totally wear it for both and not even have to worry about changing. It is like wearing a comfy blanket, except it’s super lightweight so that way you won’t be hot in the sun! While on the plane, you can wear some mesh leggings for a breathable feel.

It’s great to fly in style but be comfortable at the same time!