Whenever the spring season comes to mind, for many of us, flowers are the first thing we think about. Sure, skirts and maxi dresses also come mind but flowers are the stars of the season and we can’t get enough of them—especially in our hair.

Adorn your hair with flowers by trying out this floral braid.

flowerssWhat you’ll need:
Individual small flowers (fresh or faux, up to you)
A small clear elastic
Bobby pins
Now for the steps:
Step 1: Create a french braid that starts on one side of the head and ends on the other side. To do this, make a deep sided part and start on the side that doesn’t have the side part. Secure with an elastic.
Step 2: Take your individual small flowers and place them wherever you’d like on the braid. Secure them with bobby pins.
Step 3: Finish by pulling out some pieces here and there for a wispy look.
To see the full hair tutorial, check out the video above!
(Cover image: sincerelykinsey.com)