How can a girl get her cute freckles on without compromising her healthy skin? Easy: draw them. Freckles give the face a healthy look because a lot of the time they’re accompanied by sun-kissed skin (unless you were born with them, of course). Getting sun-kissed skin, however, can lead to damage on the skin so the next best thing is fake them.

eyebrowpencilIf you want to have freckles like Emma Stone or Kate Moss, try out this tutorial to get the most natural looking freckles.
Step 1: Apply your foundation like you normally would as well as curling your lashes and fixing your brows.
Step 2: Using a matte bronzer, pick some up with a big fluffy brush and it on the parts of your face the sun would naturally touch: cheeks, nose bridge, forehead, and chin. Apply 1 to 2 light layers of powder for a natural glow.
Step 3: To fake the freckles, you’ll need 2 different eyebrow pencils that are on the taupe/cool side to mimick their natural color. Alternate with your pencils and create dots that don’t look too perfect and and aren’t too dark. Tap your finger on them to make them look even natural by taking any excess color away.
Step 4: If you have oily skin, feel free to dust a bit more bronzer or transluscent powder on top of your new freckles.