Kate Bosworth, an American actress, jewelry designer and model. Best known for her lead roles in Blue Crush, Beyond the Sea, Superman, and Still Alice Kate Bosworth does it all. But how exactly does she master the beachy wave look on set and in her everyday life? Well, for most of us getting the perfect beachy waves in your hair can be a bit tricky and hard to master. So, today we are here to teach you everything you need to know to get this perfect summer look.

To achieve this look you’re going to want to start on hair that’s a little bit on the dirty side about a day or two without it being washed. Starting on clean hair makes it easier for the waves to fall apart and not hold as well.


After you have your natural texture going your going to wan to use a clip less curling wand. Take about a one-inch section of hair begin to curl. When letting the curl loose be sure to let it sit in your hand for a second so it can cool. Your going to want to do this to your whole head but be sure you don’t do them all in the same direction because your hair will look too polished.

Next, you’re going to want to use moisturizing sea salt spray, which will help you, obtain the natural beachy wave look. Spray onto your whole head and watch the magic happen!

To give your curls a little bit more definition take a little bit of the paste and rub it between your hands getting it nice and warm. Then, gently twist into your curls!