Your face shape totally depicts your part. So, whether you have a round, oblong, or square face shape, we’re showing you which parts will compliment YOUR face the most. Start parting your hair the best way for you!
If you have a round face shape part your hair down the middle. It will give your face a slimmer appearance. Center parts long layered cuts, a style that frames the face, or one with that blunt bang.
If you have a square shaped face go for a diagonal part. This type of part will soften your edges like a strong jawline and it’s even great for volumizing finer hair.
Speaking of long features, like a long forehead, strong cheekbones, or a pointed chin, if this sounds like you then give your hair a side part. This part will create fullness in your hair, which can help to camouflage a widow’s peak and will soften the strong facial features.
However, if you have naturally curly hair then there is no need for a part at all, just go all back with it. Curly hair is the best because it’s naturally beautiful and there is never a need for a part. Also, if you have an oval shaped face you also don’t need to have a part.