When the temperature drops outside during the winter, so do the moisture levels in your skin. Your pores start to look bigger, your skin starts to look flaky, and that tight feeling all over your body and skin ensues. Shielding your body from these cold temperatures can help to an extent but you’re going to have to give your skin some TLC if you want it to survive the winter.

To properly care and moisturize your skin this winter, follow these skin-saving tips.

beurredikariteDon’t take steaming, hot showers. Our bodies practically beg for a hot shower after dealing with cold weather all day. Sure, it feel amazing but it’s actually not that good for your skin as the steam draws out moisture leaving you with dry skin after your shower. Skip the hot shower and go for warm water instead. Don’t forget to moisturize your whole body right away to lock in the moisture.
Exfoliate once or twice a week. Dry skin leads to dry skin cells on your body that block deep moisture penetration and during cold weather, it’s a must. You can do so with an exfoliating loofah or make your own scrub by combining 1 cup of sugar and ½ cup of your favorite oil (jojoba, coconut, almond, etc.) and mixing well. Save whatever’s left in a mason jar and use it the next time you exfoliate.
Make having hand cream with you a habit. Few women understand how important it is to really take care of their hands. The tops of the hands, like your neck, have thin skin and can reveal your true age due to lines, sun spots, and wrinkling. Use a hand cream throughout the day to keep them looking young and moisturized.
Don’t forget about your feet. The feet really have it rough during the winter as they are the closest to the cold streets are taking you everywhere you go. Before going to bed every night, apply a generous amount of body lotion to your feet and put some socks on. This will work like an overnight mask for your feet and they’ll look much better in the morning.
To see additional things you can do for your skin and hair, check out the video playlist.
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