The white oxford shirt is a basic item of clothing that pretty much every girl has in her closet. While it may not be the most exciting piece you own, it’s a classic that looks just paired with jeans as it does with an A-line skirt. It’s true that it can get a bit boring but by simply tucking it in a different way, you’ll see it in a different, cooler light.

OxfordTuck your oxford shirt with a twist by following this tutorial. All you’ll need is an oxford shirt and high-waisted jeans or even a flowy skirt.
Step 1: Unbutton your oxford starting from the bottom until the button around your sternum area.
Step 2: Take the side of the shirt that has the buttons and wrap and tuck it in to the other side of your stomach. As you’re tucking, make sure it looks smooth so that you don’t end up looking bulky.
Step 3: Do the same with the other side but this time start with the outside edge first to keep everything looking smooth.
You can do this with any over-sized oxford shirt and high-waisted bottoms so mix and match and tuck that oxford this way to give it a new look.
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