Dry shampoo is such a life and time saver, especially if you have color treated hair. It eliminates oils from second and third day while providing amazing texture especially if you want to style it with heated styling tools. It even comes in different colors to match your own hair color making it practically undetectable if applied correctly.


The only tricky part of dry shampoo is that it needs to be applied to the hair a certain way to prevent the hair from looking too dull or even too dirty. To get the perfect dry shampoo application each time, try these helpful tips.

Apply to the upper half of the head. Take your pointer fingers and place one on your right ear and one on the left; move both fingers straight into the hair until they meet each other. The upper half of your head tends to produce more oils, especially on the sides where your ears are and at the crown. Concentrate the product on these areas to fully remove oils.

Stay at about arm’s length from the roots. Dry shampoo can be heavy and spraying it too close could have the opposite effect. Use a light hand and small amounts of product to prevent oilier looking hair.

Only apply the product to the roots. The oils come from the scalp so there’s no need to spray the dry shampoo on to the rest of the hair. After you’ve sprayed the product in, wait a few minutes for it absorb the oils and then use your hands to distribute it to the rest of the hair.
(Cover image: Bek Andersen)