There’s common myth out there that girls with glasses should stay away from makeup and that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, that myth couldn’t be more untrue as girls with glasses actually need a little bit more defining on a lot of the eye so it doesn’t get lost behind the glasses. They can actually experiment a little bit more when it comes to eye looks because, depending on the rim, the whole look won’t be exposed so it makes for good way to test-drive makeup.

Don’t be afraid of wearing makeup behind those cool spectacles of yours and keep in mind these tips to get it right every time.

Conceal properly. When wearing glasses, the under eye area is highlighted and makes dark shadows look even darker. Give your eyes an overall brighter and more awake look by concealing well with a salmon corrector and following with a regular concealer. Powder the area well so you don’t end up with makeup on the bottom part of the lenses.

Only apply eye shadow on the lids, preferably warm-toned. As mentioned before, the under eye area tends to show shadows and by wearing color on the waterline or even further down, it’s going to look like you have dark circles. Stick to only applying color on the lids to prevent that from happening. Also, warm, coppery colors look best as it warms up the area as opposed to cool-toned colors that will make the area look drained.

Define, define, define! The main 3 areas to focus on defining properly are the following: eyebrows, socket, and eye shape. Your eyebrows should be done as you normally would if you have thin glasses but if you’re glasses have a thick rim, go a little stronger. The socket and eyeliner should be done a bit stronger because they will definitely be hiding behind the lenses and need to stand out.

A pop of color. Add light warmth to your face by applying blush and lip color that are the same, or very similar, to balance out the heavy makeup around the eyes.

To see makeup tutorials on how these tips are done, check out the videos.
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