There always seems to be a new life-changing beauty trend on the rise nowadays. What is a Hanacure face mask? And is it worth the hype? The newest all in one facial mask is supposed to make you look super old before you look super young and glowing. Not to mention the mask is pretty expensive at $110, so is it really worth the buck?

The face mask promises to leave your skin clear and clean. It has anti-aging, clarifying, facial firming, lifting, brightening, pore-tightening, contouring, and evens your skin tone. The mask comes in files and a face brush applicator and is even said to be a fountain of youth. The mask comes in a little jar, and you’re supposed to shake it before applying it to the vial. After you shake it, the gel is supposed to automatically form to create the face mask.

The mask feels refreshing almost like a mint on your face. Once you apply an even layer to the skin, the mask should tingle, which means the mask is working. Once it’s settled into your skin, you will probably look a little older… so don’t be alarmed!

Once you peel the mask off, your face will feel automatically tighter with a flawless glow. If you do have sensitive skin then chances are the mask could burn your face, making you feel hot in temperature. Overall, the mask is good and does what it promises, so if you’re willing to spend the money, it’s a great skin care investment!