(Photo Credit: mr-mag.com)

Inside Jason Scott’s Collection

Small clothing boutiques are all the rage these days. Free from mass production and otherwise a quantity over quality approach to merchandise, Jason Scott has turned his passion for fashion into a reality with the goal of providing simple, quality clothing with a luxurious feel.

Over 10 years ago, Jason Scott was pushing a mail cart at a talent agency in Los Angeles still searching for his passion. During his free time, he would window shop at various high fashion stores, occasionally trying on $10,000 suits from Barneys while slowly, and unexpectedly to him, falling in love with fashion.

Everything from the tailored fit to the feel of the smooth, silky fabrics inspired Jason and gave him something that his current job couldn’t. So he quit his job to pursue a career in fashion.

Armed with this new found passion and direction, Jason, being more of a casual guy than a suit guy, took the idea behind Barney’s suit and wondered if he could apply it to casual wear. Years later in 2013, his namesake brand would open its first store in New York City’s West Village providing customers with high quality, tailored shirts, pants, and sweatshirts, redefining the causal fashion staples.

Today, Jason Scott has gained notoriety with a cult following that has made it to the cover of GQ magazine and beyond.