Kylie’s Beauty Secret For Makeup Application

Kylie Jenner can seemingly now add one more random skill to her resume: incredible makeup application with her fingers, not a brush.

It was recently shared that Kylie Jenner, entrepreneur extraordinaire and member of the Kardashian clan, puts on her makeup a little differently than you’d expect the founder of an ultra-popular makeup company. While most of us out here are doing our best to look good with complicated brushes, sponges, and more, Kylie likes to keep makeup application simple, strictly using her fingers to put on everything from foundation to highlighter.

And while this may make her everyday makeup routine seem simple and easy, it is actually anything but. Kylie follows a 39-step process every day, but somehow the routine that she has appeared to perfect takes less than ten minutes.

This routine includes steps like “baking” her jawline, contouring, concealer and gel, brows, and more things we are sure only Kylie Jenner could pull off so expertly in under ten minutes. Kylie’s routine comes after rumors of her considering potentially selling her company, Kylie Cosmetics, for hundreds of millions of dollars.