Most beauty manufacturers are less involved with the negative environmental effect, Lush is breaking this stereotype through providing products with the least amount of packaging possible.

Lush featured a video showing the positive environmental impact through the minimal packaging of their latest launched item, shampoo bars. Not only do they offer a shampoo without the unnecessary packaging, but create products with natural ingredients with some products that are organic grade.

The video proved so successful LUSH sold 12,000 shampoo bars after the video went viral, while promoting the beauty industry to reconsider product packing. This video also comes after the celebration of World Oceans Day that is for spreading awareness on the negative impact of ocean pollution, with the focus of plastic this year.

A Lush shampoo bar is the equivalent to three bottle of shampoo, giving value and an eco-friendly choice. Each bar lasts over 80 washes and Lush offers a multi-use tin for the bar that is also great for traveling. They call the package-less products “naked” meaning that they require no packaging.

Lush offers a wide variety of fragrances and cater to different hair styles, to meet your ultimate hair goals. Some of the popular fragrances include, Brazilliant, Jumping Juniper, Seanik, Godiva, and Honey I Washed The Kids. The best part of the fragrance options is for matching other body products, to complete your beauty care collection.

The cosmetic company is also working on more naked products so all the products in the shower could be possible without plastic packaging. Lush also encourages customers to recycle their containers when done, while offering an exchange program for used packaging.

Check out the video above for more Lush cosmetics.