Mascara is the one product that everyone loves and we know that right now, you probably have more than one to choose from on your vanity. They make your lashes long and voluminous so it’s a staple in your makeup routine, but, have you ever wondered if you’re getting the most out of it?
Check out these mascara hacks to get the best lashes ever.

Let the first coat act like a primer. When you apply mascara, it tends to clump if you apply a second coat right away. Apply a light first coat, let it dry, and proceed with the second one.

mascara4Skip the waterproof mascara. Unless you’re going to be walking in the rain when you go out, waterproof mascara isn’t the best kind to have. It dries out a lot quicker therefore resulting in wasted mascara and money. Save it for special occassions like when you’re watching The Notebook with your lover.
Clean that magic wand. It sounds kind of yucky but bacteria gets stuck on your eyelashes so if you’ve ever touched up during the day, there’s a good chance your mascara has bacteria in it. Clean your tube regularly by placing it in hot water for about 5 minutes.
Stop pumping your mascara. Your mascara dries out a lot faster when you introduce air into it and pumping the wand does just that. Instead, put the wand in the tube once and move it around in circular motions to pick up product. It’ll last longer if you do it this way.
No eyeliner? No problem! So you’ve run out of your favorite gel liner and you think you’re life is over without a cat eye. Well, it’s not. Simply take your favorite liner brush and pick up some of the product on your mascara wand and line away. Mind. Blown.
Like these hacks? Check out the video for additonal 5!