Looking to upgrade your nails to a new found medium for art, here are a couple of ideas for the biggest nail trends.

Geode nails are taking over social media, the effects is simple to re-create by layering multiple nail polish colors and then sanding down the colors from the middle of the nail. This create the stone effect and to step it up some do a base layer of holographic powder to add a sheen to the effect.

Speaking of holographic powder this is another trend that is big right now and simple for manicurists. A base coat of gel is applied then treated, with the sticky base they apply the holographic powder and finish with a simple clear top coat. This is a popular option since different lighting can change the color of nail while adding an awesome opal effect. There are also nail polish options for this as well.

One nail trend that offers many ways to customize your look with many print and color options, transfer foils. This process can be a little timely but is worth it for the effect. Few salons offer this and personally I had to have some trial runs with my manicurist to get the technique right. I recommend that you apply the foil on a natural nail or acrylic. There is a special glue in a nail polish form, applies white then dries clear when ready to apply the foil. To apply the foil lay flat on the nail then rub onto nail for transfer, once foil is applied a simple coat of gel nail polish will keep the look finished. This method is a little sensitive meaning that sometime there will be cracks on the tips due to wear and use, my personal secret is to do a french tip to avoid this for a long lasting set. My manicurist offers some foil colors but there are infinite colors and designs you can order online that are only a couple of dollars, with sample sets so you never do the same look twice.

Foil Nails

Another trend that is hot for nails right now is the aquarium nail in which the acrylic is built for a small chamber that hold water, giving nails an aquarium or snow globe effect when adding glitter. This is a trend for a skilled manicurist.

If you have a go to girl or guy to get your nails done, I recommend that you ask for their social media handle so you can follow the styles they can re-create. Which nail trend will you dare to try?