In a world where everything is becoming digital and people now enjoy the virtual world more than before. We tend to bring what we love just as it is into reality because software’s are now becoming so hardware inclined.

Maybe it our obsession with crystal colored roots or the baby rainbow hair. Pixelated hair color walks in taking our attention.

The fashion world is about exploring different looks, it is about adventure and trends. We wouldn’t have all these if we don’t take that bold step to get what we want out there when people need it.

Pixelated hair color is just an imitation from the pixelated images from past computer games. The first issue that had to be solved was how to get a perfect dye technique.

Making your real hair look more like characters in a game can become insane. But thanks to the genius new hair dye technique which was pioneered by Madrid-based hair group called X-presion Creativos, the pixelated hair style is a reality.

The process involves bleaching sections of hair where the ‘pixels’ will appear before you add the multi-colored dyes on it. To give that nostalgic rainbow effect.

According to Jorge Cáncer, the founder of X-presion Creativos, the dying process isn’t drawn from the surface, “It is not drawn on the surface because it is an architectural work studying he placement of the pixel in every layer.”

Furthermore, what seems to be mind blowing about this trend is that the design moves and create different pictures just like the game. This all these depends on the direction of how you have been able to brush it.

It has that fun house mirror effect. What’s more is that it can be hidden in your hair if you are not bold enough to have all of your hair pixelated.