With so many different type of jeans styles these days and are leaving many to wander, are the classic skinny jeans still a trend? These jeans are definitely flattering but also practical, and 2018 has definitely been a year of so many different kinds of jeans.

Jeans come in a plethora of styles and fits. Some of the trending fits include bell-bottom, skinny, straight, and high-waisted. Popular jean styles include distressed and colored jeans. 2005 was the year that skinny jeans really became a thing, both guys and girls wore them. Though skinny jeans may have started trending in 2005, they’re still going strong as a staple piece.

They have transitioned from a trend to a staple piece in anyone’s closet. You can throw them on and style them with almost anything.

You can style them by adding a pop of color, wearing it with an eye-catching shirt, leather jackets, sweaters, and even blazers. There are so many different ways to excess arise as well whether it’s sunglasses, a scarf or a hat, they are easy to give the outfit a whole new level of wow! You can style them with a pair of boots or heels depending on your individual preference.

They work with everyone’s body shape and build to. Whether you want to look up at effortlessly chic, retro, or give a tom-boy twist to the outfit you can’t go wrong with skinny jeans because they are more than a trend, they are a staple.