When you think the south you probably think hospitality, sweet tea, and definitely food! But there are some traditions that you may not have thought of that are withering away. Here are some of the BEST southern traditions that we want to see make a comeback- and we know you will too.

Saying please and thank you. This may seem like a given, yet people don’t use them enough. Basic etiquette seems to be missing, lets bring it back.

Cursive writing. Not only is this writing more appealing to the eye, but it actually more efficient as well.

Handwritten notes. Now that we have email and text messages, we have forgotten all about handwritten notes. Writing someone a handwritten note is way more personal than your average text with an emoji.

Sunday suppers. Some families still do this, but this a tradition that all families should have before starting a new week.

Welcoming new neighbors. Instead of peering out of the window and spying on the unfamiliar new people, go introduce yourself or bring over a small ‘welcome’ gift.

A good handshake. Both men and women should practice a good handshake. The greeting has lost traction and it is both a professional and casual way to say hello.

Punctuality. This one is so important! Be on time. There is no such thing as being fashionably late.

Hostess gifts. Bring something to thank the hostess or host for serving you. Hosting a dinner party or even serving cocktails is pricey, so make sure you bring something that shows your gratitude.

Don’t swear in public! It is not tasteful and no one really wants to hear bad language.

While we know the days of fancy hats and white gloves are over, good etiquette should never be retired.