Taking care of your hair should be a year-round thing but when the seasons change, it’s important to tailor hair care to whatever the temperatures are outside. With fall and winter come super nourishing treatments and for spring and summer, lighter products and even SPF protection.

Check out these hair care tips to have the best hair this spring.
beautyprotectorGo light on the moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Having too much moisture in your hair will make it look a bit flat and even frizzier. When moisture in the air combined with excess moisture in the hair occurs, your hair looks even frizzier. Consider using formulas for normal hair to prevent excess frizz.
Use an SPF for your hair. Yes, even your hair needs to be protected by the suns harmful rays. You slather on SPF on your skin and your hair isn’t any different; in fact, your hair gets a lot of sun as it protects your scalp so it shouldn’t be forgotten. The sun’s ray’s are responsible for fading color due to oxidation and sucks out the moisture from it resulting in thinner, dull hair.
Get a trim. Your hair’s been suffering from those frigid winter days and it needs to start new this season. Get a small trim just to get rid of any dead ends to get your hair looking healthy and happy.
To see more tips, check out the video playlist above!
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