Being tall, like anything else in life, has some advantages and disadvantages. For instance, wearing heels may make you too tall, skirts may look a little too short, and piggy back rides can get awkward (not a style disadvantage but still one, nonetheless) so sometimes your height can make you insecure. Then there’s the part when everyone has the need to tell you how tall you are. You know, because you obvi didn’t know that already. Sigh.
But keep your chin up, girl. Being tall has a lot of perks that shorter people will never get to experience. And when it comes to style, these are some perks that only you and your statuesque self know:
karliekBeing told you should model. When you were younger you probably felt a bit awkward with your height but now you could probably be the next Karlie Kloss. People look at you and their eyes light up when they say “you should model” because they know your height is model material.
Never having to hem pants. When you’re tall, you take for granted the fact that you can grab pants right off of the rack and buy them without thinking about the length. Shorter girls always either have to look for petite or have to get them hemmed. Think about the struggle.
Everything just fits better. Most designers (at least the high-end ones) make their clothing with tall women in mind so if there’s a piece that you want to splurge on online but don’t if it will fit you, guess what? It probably will.
Boots and skirts combo will never trouble your mind. Girls that are on the shorter side have to worry about certain lengths of skirts and boot height making their legs shorter. But not you, you can mix and match as you please and your legs will still look as long and glorious in anything.
Sneaker wedges aren’t necessary. Sneakers are a big trend and you can wear your favorite sneakers and look fashionable all the time without worrying about height. Unlike shorter girls, you don’t need to worry about needing height with sneakers so you get to be trendy and comfortable.
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