Glasses always seem to be something that can really give a mood to any outfit. Not only are glasses timeless, but even people that don’t need glasses like to have them as an accessory. Have you ever wondered how glasses look throughout the last 100 years? It’s safe to say that glasses are one of the most chic accessories.

The 20s were all about the spectacles. Those nose pinching oval frames that stayed on without an earpiece. Circular shades were all the rage and ear pieces that curved securely behind the ear we’re also the style.

In the 1930s, bridges rose from the center of the frame to the top of the glasses, so there wasn’t a huge difference between the 1920s and 1930s trends!

In the 40s it was all about glasses that reached the brow-line. The thicker top of the frame was distinguished from the lower half of the frame, mimicking the shape of a brow. Brow line styles were so huge that by the end of the 1940s almost 50% of eyeglass sales were brow-line styles!

And then there’s the 50s that was all about the iconic cat eye style. Marilyn Monroe made the style popular when she wore her glasses both on and off the screen.

The 60s were all about a more square framed eyeglass. Glasses were such an important fashion accessory during the time and gave a rise to jewel encrusted frames as well!

In the 1970s, everyone had huge, over-sized, plastic frames… Which looked like your glasses were going to fall off at any moment. Squares and circles were huge, and ombre colored frames were also very popular during the time.

In the 1980s it was all about the over-sized frame trend… continued! Plastic was still popular although metal frames were also a big deal, and the more decorative and unique your glasses were the cooler you were!

In the 90s it was all about minimalist glasses, and simple and small wire frames were back on trend.

During the early 2000s more plastic and square frames were popular, but the invisible frame trend was also a huge deal, and the brow-line trend from the 1940s made a comeback. Around 2010, the transparent clear framed trend stayed super popular… and to this day it still is!

Whoever said glasses weren’t cool were totally wrong!