The half-moon mani was all over the Fall 2014 runways and this nail trend is something you might want to try out to be ahead of the game. The color combinations were different at every show that included them and some only used one color so that means you can get creative when trying this out. We won’t lie to you—getting that perfect half moon can be somewhat challenging but we’ve got a few hacks that will make your life so much easier and tips to getting the perfect half-moon mani.


Base Coat. To start your mani, apply a base coat to prevent the other nail polish from staining your nails.
Reinforcement Stickers. Cut 5 reinforcement stickers in half and place the rounded part on the bottom of your nail so that it covers it from side to side. This will ensure that you get a perfect rounded half-moon.

Band-aids. If you don’t have any of the reinforcement stickers, take a trip to your medicine cabinet and grab a band-aid. You can use this as a stencil as well.

Apply your color. We’ve tried this out with so many different colors but how about trying this year’s color, Radiant Orchid?

These are our tips for getting runway ready half-moon manis but to see a tutorial, check out the video with our friend Kirby!