Tiffany’s new Everyday Objects collection has more than a few items that are simply outrageous. If you thought Tiffany & Co.‘s jewelry was overpriced, the retailer’s new Everyday Objects collection is sure to make even the biggest spender flush.

The collection includes many odd items, including a $650 pair of table tennis paddles, as well as a $250 sterling silver bendy straw. You can also purchase a set of silver and wood building blocks for $1,500. There is also a set of faux paper cups costing $95, an hour glass that costs as much as an Apple Watch and a sterling silver coffee can for $1,500. Tiffany and Co. has long been a trend-setting company for jewelry, but their Everyday Objects collection certainly isn’t for everyone. If it was attention to their company they were seeking, they succeeded!

People took to social media with a vengeance after the release. While a few comments were positive, most people were flabbergasted.

Some of the comments said, “If you want to feel extra poor today” and “Should I buy a new iPhone or get a tin can from Tiffany’s”.

The sarcastic comments also included other ideas that Tiffany & Co. could consider making and wrapping in their signature robin’s egg blue box, such as a tampon made of alpaca and rabbit fur, a broom made with gold bristles and a utility bill printed on hand-made artisanal paper.