Racing The Ponies In Fashion

For 145 years, the Kentucky Derby has been blessing us with racehorses, southern tradition, and giant, flowery hats. People have annual get-togethers and go to parties to celebrate the event, or they head down to Louisville, Kentucky to participate in the annual horse race that happens the first Saturday in May.

While the Kentucky Derby obviously focuses on horse racing, the betting that surrounds it, and Kentucky’s popular bourbon scene, one of the real stars of the show (in our opinion) is the traditional fashion scene that surrounds the popular event. From gorgeous, frilly sundresses to oversized hats adorned with flowers and ribbons, the fashion environment at the Kentucky Derby is absolutely worth seeing.

Some of the upcoming fashions we are seeing are solid, pastel dresses, complete with matching hue bags, shoes, and hats; pantsuits complete with floral, gingham, polka dots, or stripes; and even men’s fashion that includes khaki, belted shorts, complete with a solid blazer and Hawaiian or floral shirt.

To take a look at some of the popular styles you will see at the Kentucky Derby, as well as necessary accessories and where you can purchase items to achieve these looks, take a look at the video above.