Makeup hoarding is nothing new to any of us as once we fall in love with a product, we want to keep it forever and ever. Whether it was actually a good product or the packaging was just way too cute, most of us like to hold on to makeup even after we stop using. And how can you throw it out? Having so much makeup brings such joy!

Unfortunately, just like milk and eggs, makeup also goes bad. It may take a little longer than your Lactaid milk but it definitely has an expiration date. Keep reading to see the lifespan of your makeup products.

Liquid foundation and concealer: Up to 1 year. If you’ve noticed your foundation has changed in color or has separated, it’s time to toss it out. Same with concealer.
Mascara: 2-3 months. Mascara can go bad quick (especially waterproof) due to the constant introduction of air. Throw it out once it starts getting too clumpy or flakey.
Lipstick: 2 years. Although lipstick has a long shelf-life, there can be tons of bacteria on it, especially if you’ve used it when you’re sick. Try to always have clean lips when applying it and make sure to never use it when you’re ill.
Lip gloss: 1 year. Bacteria live wet environments and if you’re not careful, lip gloss is a breeding ground for them. Toss it out if it becomes too sticky or smells odd.
Powders: 2 years. This includes blushes, foundations, and eye shadows. The only real difference between newer and expired powders are the consistency as the latter tends to be extra flaky.
Pencils: 1 year. These last a pretty long time since they’re constantly being sharpened. Just make sure to keep them away from humid areas and always put the cap on tight.