Sneakers are on the rise! American footwear for women is getting increasingly more casual. Women’s sneakers sales soared in 2017 and are expected to continually grow in 2018. Within that same period, heels sales have plummeted. Athletic footwear brands such as Nike and Adidas are ecstatic with the recent rise in demand for sneakers. According to an analyst with NPD, a market research company, the trend is likely to continue in the double digits for the next few years. For all those heel lovers, this does not mean a rejection of stilettos. Retail experts are saying that women are just buying more shoes in general.

Even celebrities are turning to sneakers. Selena Williams wore sneakers under her gown to the royal wedding this past Saturday. This was not the first time for her either. She often wears sneakers under her gowns for comfort and so her feet last the entire night! Even the new Duchess, Meghan Markel, is known for wearing her Reeboks everywhere.

Looks like it might be time to put those heels away and slip into some comfy sneakers. Your feet will thank you later!