Jamie Foxx recently interviewed Denzel Washington on Off Script and happened to steal the show with his fashion choice.

Saying these pants are a statement piece is literally an under-statement. Before the interview begins Washington can’t help himself but to make a comment about Foxx’s pants saying, “Look at those bad-boys.”

Who can blame Washington for commenting on the athletic style, plaid-print pants with a red stripe running down the side seams. The loose fitting pants seem like break-away tracksuit pants that can be ripped off at a moment’s notice with the red side seams, nonetheless are quite the statement-maker.

Foxx paired his festive pants with a solid navy button down shirt with short sleeves and a collar, giving a casual look some refined style. For shoes, he rocks a pair of cream athletic sneakers with printed navy, ankle-length socks.

The style is not the only popping part of this interview but the banter between Washington and Foxx is absolutely hysterical. Check out the video above for an eye-full of Foxx fashion and for a good laugh.