Jeremy Renner is known for his epic acting as well as being a style icon. On screen is often looking sharp and quite clean cut on screen, but off screen he is a little more relaxed. In movies such as Mission Impossible, American Hustle or The Bourne Legacy, you will see the actor looking quite sexy and sleek in a tailored suit or an all black outfit hiding from his enemies. But he is just as comfortable in military get-ups and jeans and a t-shirt in movies such as The Town or The Hurt Locker. Whatever look he is going for, he usually looks pretty darn good.

Jeremy Renner appeared on OFF SCRIPT, a Grey Goose production with host Jamie Foxx. He walked in with a confident swagger rocking a casual yet put together look that we are obsessed with. He tied together a grey leather jacket with an untucked button up shirt with dark jeans and tennis shoes to make the look just a little more effortless. As he held a Grey Goose cocktail we couldn’t help but admire his suave look. Don’t drool ladies!