Ahh, the perfect cat-eye. It’s one of the more illusive makeup tricks, and often causes you to go through copious amounts of makeup wipes. It’s time we put an end to the wasted makeup wipes, and finally learn how to master the cat-eye look, once and for all! Model Natasha Poly is here to give us three simple steps to attaining cat-eye glory:

1. Eyeliner: The model begins with eyeliner above the eyelashes. She always travels with plenty of Q-tips so she can use them as much as needed.
-3 Dots: Poly then draws three dots to begin the cat-eye process. Of course, she then connects all the dots together to create the cat-eye line.
-Fill it in: The final step is filling in the cat eye triangle with regular eyeliner, followed by a layer of liquid eyeliner as well.
2. Mascara: She coats her lashes with the proper amount of mascara to give her lashes length and volume.
3. Bronzer: Poly ties the whole look together with bronzer on her cheek bones, to make her eyes pop!