Sometimes, wearing over the top outfits can distract from your inner personality. In an Off Script interview with Jamie Foxx, Sarah Silverman uses her lighthearted and comedic aura to fill the room with the blissful yet sassy presence she is known for.

Her outfit, on the other hand, is so casual. She sports a plaid flannel button down that covers a gray t-shirt and her bottoms are just simple jeans. She even has sneakers on and carries in a black backpack with her, showing that she doesn’t need the fanciest jewels, designer brand clothing, or a Louis Vuitton handbag at her side to assure her status as a celebrity comedian. All she needs is what works for her, and that’s her confidence.

Personality can be the sexiest accessory for one to show off. You can see Foxx and Silverman banter back and forth, laughing at each others jokes, and neither of these celebs feel the need to boast of their possessions. Instead, they focus on what really matters, and that’s their achievements. Sure it might be nice to own a few high end fashion accessories, but never forget to dress down and let your inner beauty shine.