It’s not often that cars grab our fashion-senses, but every once and a while, one will. The new Mazda 3 is definitely a show-stopper as far as cars go, and it’s not just because of it’s sleek exterior. Yes, you can choose from a bevy of color options. Whether you want to stun the crowds with an eye-popping red to match your perfect lips, or perhaps a more neutral color to go with your sleek style, like machine gray metallic, there’s a color to match your lifestyle.

But, it doesn’t just stop with the exterior. Looking to modify the inside of your new whip? Choose from different colors and styles of interior fabrics that will surely add to your own personal flair. Plus, it comes equipped with seats that actually help cancel exterior sounds which means you can hear every word of your new favorite hit, crystal clear, as you ride in style.

Perhaps it’s time you allow fashion to creep into other realms of your life, instead of just your closet. Did someone say new year, new car?